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August 8th, 2023 + 5:08 PM  ·  swordfish

Hi Everyone,
I started on Bandamp in 2005. And Ive watched it wax and wane.. Ive made super friends and had great times over the years. Bandamp has inspired me over the years and I truly look at it as my starting point. Writing songs, learning how to use a DAW etc.. So much so I just got a Masters Degree in Professional Media Composition and that has just led to me buying a magnificent recording studio... I would love all my friends here on Bandamp to join in my journey and join my facebook group please.
This is the link :

Swordfish FB Link

August 8th, 2023 + 5:08 PM  ·  swordfish

[/img][/img]So Ive just bought a full on recording studio!!!

Bandamp is where I started ... years ago ...So Please join me on facebook


Swordfish is now a Media Label

May 21st, 2023 + 8:05 PM  ·  swordfish


Hi everyone
Ive created a music/video/art company called
TobinTowers Media Ltd
News Updates
 to follow
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Touch of Evil

April 13th, 2023 + 5:04 PM  ·  swordfish

Such A Long Time since I Posted on Bandamp.

My favourite platform ever!!

Hi all visitors from Thinkspace .... Please use and check out this most unique platform
It Looks 'SO' Retro ..... But ''U only get feedback on your tunes from composers that share their work with you. ITS NIRVANA!! 

Here's a latest from me.
A Ska type ''COVER'' version of iconic film theme

Hope you like it???

This the original


The COPY-Fish

Mike Ska

September 17th, 2021 + 5:09 PM  ·  swordfish

Man its so long since I posted an Bandamp.

Still my all time favourite platform..


Sad News

March 17th, 2021 + 8:03 PM  ·  swordfish

Hello Bandampers,

A very sad message to let you all know that Linda, the wife of Jim Koontz (aka
http://jimkdaadtman.bandamp.com/) has passed on.
Linda, is the other loving half of Jim, and a great personal friend to many Bandamp members around the world.

"Thank you Linda for making us smile and laugh
so much"

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim and all of his family at this time.

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